Re: Uploading, AI, and Philosophy

Kathryn Aegis (
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 20:04:51 +0000

Max More:

>I found this an interesting experience. It seemed that by the end of the
>class (we discussed uploading late on the second day) most of the students
>were open to the possibility of uploading a human mind into a machine.

Do you think that the progression of topics provided the key to this
achievement of understanding, or were there other factors involved?

>Considering that many of the students are Catholic, that was surprising.

Given that Catholic theology (i) maintains a division between
body and soul, (ii) has strong mystical/cabalistic roots and (iii)
accepts the idea of the soul moving to other spaces, Catholics can
actually access the idea of uploading more readily than some other
religions. Now, if only the Pope would issue an Encyclical endorsing
the concept!


Kathryn Aegis

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