Re: Time Perception

Damien Broderick (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 11:13:51 +1000

At 04:00 AM 12/18/96 -0500, Lyle wrote:

>Suppose you had a game which was *designed* to change
>the player's perception of time. Or space. Or...
>Any ideas about how this could be done?

See `Faster than a speeding brain', John McCrone, NEW SCIENTIST 20 April
1996, p. 44. NASA pilots are routinely trained in simulators faster than
real-time, which helps later. It appears, though, that this is because
reality makes you more anxious, raising your basal values, interfering with
the `detached, intellectual skills needed to check out a new plane' (p. 48).
General improvements have not been found from such regimes.

Damien Broderick