Re: Moods of Mind(was Re:Psychedelic singularities)
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 14:09:30 -0500

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<< Let's turn this thread around and stop looking at
the topic at hand from a "meta-physical" level and start discussing the
biological and chemical reasons, as well as the psychological, that these
events occur. By understanding why, we can more efficiently help those
that are asking for aid as well as possibly enhance our own practice and
experience. >>

I think you are correct, this need to be done - but for a creative person to
do this would be extremely counter productive. It is exactly this kind of
state that I try to avoid!
There are some great books out on this subject, one called FLOW byt a guy
whos name I cannot even spell.. something with a lot of consonsants paul
Czwzewjkz??(help- whats his name?)
;- )
Hyperanalytical, thinking too concretely about the process, wondering about
neural networking of my brain - writing about it. Interferes with flow.
Most creative people don;t usually have time for detailed chemical studies of
their own brain- it's hard to think about that while painting... ;- )

Now if you find out what this is, access it chemically and make a smart drug
for non artists to join us in our bliss and flow, that would be lovely! But I
have a hint for you - best way to make a muscle grow is to exercise it.

I would be happy to partake in a study like this but not to talk too much
about it..
Life is too long, and there are pixels,scultures, oils, and designs that need
my attention!
--- On with the Automorph!