Re: Can we develop a better definition of extropy?

Romana Machado (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 11:11:04 -0800

>Wouldnt it have been better protocol to arrange a meeting with Max and
>discuss it, or some other place, and then work with the Institute in a
>positive way?

"Extropy" is a word for an idea. Discussing a better form for its
definition - in an open forum that concerns it - seems like a good,
appropriate, interesting, and even obvious thing to do. Now if only
somebody would think of something useful, and post back to this thread! ;)

>I usually send people to the website (not here) if they are curious to know
>what I mean when I say I'm an Extropian. They usually come back with a very
>clear idea of the principles.

I would like to be able to begin a discussion of extropy without requiring
my conversation partners to learn many new words or digest a lot of text.
The meme market is tough. Attention is a precious resource. I would like to
try not to befuddle those who would otherwise be immediately sympathetic to
the cause if I did a better job.

Since it's a question I get asked a lot, I am trying to make it more easily
communicable for me. That's what I mean by better. I hope to benefit by it;
others may also. Hair-splitting doesn't interest me - communicating
powerfully does.

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