Superconduction of Gravity?!? (was Re: >H Re: Gravity)

Chris Hind (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 10:53:17 -0800

>Another fun paper at I found is Gravitational Phase
>Transition in Neutron Stars gr-qc/9611023 by R.P. Lano.
>According to the paper, weird things may occur inside neutron stars very
>similar to superconduction of gravity! He predicts a London penetration
>depth of 12 kilometers (which is less than the radius of most neutron
>star models), that the core will be a Bose condensate, a gravitational
>Meissner effect (gravitomagnetic fields cannot penetrate the star), a
>gravitational "ferromagnetic phase" and symmetry breaking of gravity.

Superconduction of gravity? Wow, never even considered that one. I wonder
what some of the uses could be for it if we were ever able to harness it.
Could we use it to help mold custom space-time architectures?