Re: Can we develop a better definition of extropy?
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 11:54:17 -0500

I have missed the beginning of this thread, because I was off the list for
awhile moving back to the Mainland... but it strikes me as odd that someone
should suggest redefining extropy (the word or term, not one's own personal
extroping) on an online list or forum.

Was it supposed to be re (or better)defined by all of us, on an email forum?
Wouldnt it have been better protocol to arrange a meeting with Max and
discuss it, or some other place, and then work with the Institute in a
positive way?
I usually send people to the website (not here) if they are curious to know
what I mean when I say I'm an Extropian. They usually come back with a very
clear idea of the principles.

Either way,IMHO obviously Extropy (as well as transhumanism) is a new
philosophy and far from being RE-definable is still an ongoing exploration of
still to be refined and exciting ideas. It, by its very NATURE, gets
better... by definition, it expands..
; - )