Re: Disasterbation

Sean Hastings (
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 15:37:38 -0600

David Musick wrote:
> The idea of the Internet breaking down, due to an overload of messages, was
> brought up here. I began wondering: if the amount of information the
> Internet can handle at any given time is limited, then won't the price of
> sending a given amount of information through the Internet go up to match the
> demand for the limited resources? I don't see how an overload could happen if
> as the overload threshold was being approached, the price to send messages
> kept rising, thus cutting down on the length of messages people send, since it
> will cost more to send a longer message. Is my theory correct?
> - David Musick


Periodic break downs may occur in certain regions as demand grows faster
than the architecture (just like power blackouts.) But the companies
that make a good deal of money supplying these services are not going to
say "Boy, having all these customers is sure a lot of trouble. Lets quit
doing this rather than trying to keep up with this huge demand for our

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