Re: Disasterbation

Chris Hind (
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 23:18:54 -0800

>I think the net could get clogged up here and there due to overloads
>(especially if something got a lot of people online at the same time;
>compare to telephone netwroks), but that would just lead to massive packet
>losses and "trashing", which seems self limiting. A more interesting
>danger is net-generated avalanches, such as the famous router breakdown in
>the 80's.

Go on. I know little information about any such router breakdown. Please
explain this net avalanche concept further.

>>> "disasterbation."
>>He he. Who came up with that word. A great meme.
>Dave Krieger did. Check out his great web site, "The Godling's Glossary":

I agree it is an incredible meme. I use it in everyday speech occasionally.