Re: guidelines from the thought police

Sean Hastings (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 00:15:44 -0600

E. Shaun Russell wrote:
> I truly hope that everyone on this list is beyond the petty 'sexism'
> meme that Kathryn often refers to. It is sometimes hard for
> me to tell whether or not people try to *create* a rift between the
> genders, or alleviating one. At bare minimum, extropian list members
> should be able to understand that a good post is a good post, regardless
> of sex, age or race. Forgive me if it appears that I am being blind
> toward this situation, but I think we shouldn't have to ask the sort
> of question as stated above.
> Ingredi Externus!
> -E. Shaun Russell

I was raised by a single female parent who held down a job as a college
professor teaching mathematics and computer science, and I have always
felt like I was totally untouched by the 'sexism' meme. Then one day I
read something called 'A Person Paper on Purity in Language' by William
Satire (alias Douglas R. Hofstadter.) It made me aware of just how
sexually biased the very language I think in is (and it made me laugh at
the same time!) I highly recommend it, but unfortunately don't have a
URL to point you to. It's chapter eight in a collection of Hofstadter's
essays called Metamagical Themas.

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