Re: Psychedelic singularities (was Test Scores (was Causality))

Romana Machado (
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 17:23:00 -0800

>E.S.Y. writes:
>>Prozac knocked out practically my entire mind....
>>Moral: DON'T TAKE PROZAC. That stuff is *evil*.
Kennita writes:
>Your mileage may vary. I know a number of people whom it has
>helped immensely

Seconded. Human psychophysiology varies so much that it is not a good idea
to generalize from a single case. E.S.Y. has discovered that Prozac is evil
*for E.S.Y.*. That's good. He's learned something about his own body which
should possibly be inscribed in NINE FOOT HIGH LETTERS OF FLAMING GASOLINE
- in his own backyard.

Paxil is another useful selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor; some people
I know have had good effects from it. Another way of raising effective
serotonin levels is by taking more precursors to serotonin such as
John Morgenthaler's Life Enhancement Products (1-800-543-3973 for further
info) sells it in a tasty drink mix. It has pleasant effects. YMMV. (5-HTP
is legal to sell, though tryptophan is not.)

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