Re: The ethics of eating sentient beings (was vegetarianism and ethics)

Romana Machado (
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 16:55:25 -0800

>**Now i don't know if some of you may be aware of the recent discovery that
>Ants have a 'necropolis' and show signs of sentience... To further encourage
>thought, i have replaced the word ANT, by the word HUMAN in a rewriting of
>the previous discussion.

>>Damien asked about how I get rid of humans. I spray Raid along the crevice
>>where the wall meets the floor....

>Now after you've stopped laughing, think for a few minutes and read on..

I apologize, but I am still snickering. If unwanted humans insist on coming
into my house, fouling it and stealing my food, I am prepared to attack
with something harsher than Raid. If ants are sentient, I wish I could find
an economic way to signal to the ants - some kind of sign that says in
ant-language "don't come in here or you will die" - or "private property,
trepassers will be crushed".

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