Re: The Point of No Return

Max M (
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 23:01:44 +0100

> I was also considering how robust life in general is on
> this planet and how it would pretty much take the sun going nova to
destroy it
> all.

It's funny that when i read thru a lot of Sci-fi it seem that we
desperately need to get out of the gravity well and into giant o'neill
space station or the like.
A planet is actually on of the greatest spacetation that i can imagine.
It's extremely stable in shape and size and the atmosphere doesn't fizz
out when punctured by a meteorite.

Well that said i would shure like to try out one of them O'neill dingies :)
Just don't write of planets just yet.

> Is
> there a level of advancement beyond which highly intelligent life is
> impossible to destroy? Right now, we are vulnerable. Can we ever move
> that? Is such a state of invincibility even possible?

Well if i were a uploaded transhuman that had lived for Billion of years
and seen it all and was starting to get bored with life. Then i would
download my conciousnes into the structure of the universe. Well maybe i
would settle for a galaxy. Then i would slow down my speed so i was no
longer a strong nor a weak superhuman but a very slooow "supergalaxy". Then
i would spend my last "day" watching the universe/me die in glorious time

Wouldn't that be a cool way to go?

Maybe other sentient beings in the universe have done that. and thats why
we will never se extraterrestial life.

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