Re: Transhumanist art

James Rogers (
Mon, 09 Dec 1996 13:46:57 -0800

>Ace Of Base's 1. album cost 3000 dollars to record. It earned their
>independent record company about $200 Mill over a 2 year period How's that
>for a garage startup?

It might have cost $3000 to record, but they had quite a bit of money to
begin with. The enormous number of synths (mostly analog) that guy (Olaf?)
owned were probably worth $250,000 alone. And I understand that he had
something like 6 studios. I used to be actively involved in the techno
music scene myself and used to own half a 32-track recording studio, and he
had more gear than most techno musicians' best wet dreams. If I spent that
much money on equipment I would make damn sure I did SOMETHING productive
with it.

-James Rogers