Re: Alife game: Creatures

Grahame, Bob D. (
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 8:59:30 -0500

>Alexander Chislenko <> says :-
>Has anybody heard about the Creatures game?
>It was recently released in UK [and Australia ?],
>but hasn't made it into US yet.
I've been 'playing' with it for a few days, but haven't really got to
grips with it yet. The 'game' element is fairly minimal, and it'll take a
lot longer for the evolutionary aspects to become apparent. It's
interface is a bit fiddly (half videogame, half standard '95
application). It's certainly an interesting idea, and a lot more
attractive than SimLife. Whether it's of real a-life interest I can't yet

>Alexander Chislenko <>

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