Re: Transhuman VRML world, etc.

Chris Hind (
Mon, 09 Dec 1996 00:40:09 -0800

>> The only downside that I see to this is that such creation would
>>require effort to the tune of tens of millions of dollars (and then
>>a lot more still). This could be done incrementally and after some
>Immersive, full-sensory 3D will of course be an expensive proposition, due
>to the high bandwidth and level of detail required.

It won't be expensive because we will create more and more of it as
technology progresses. By the time we're ready for full-sensory 3D VR it
will be becoming a standard on PCs. We want to use all of the most
standardized tools so that we can evolve the environment and not get stuck
in a deadend and need to backtrack if certain VRML commands are ditched for
other better ones.

>What I had more in mind
>right now would just be a world that looked something like an online
>Transhumanist/Extropian version of the game "Myst" but where you can
>interact with other users online and play with some interesting applets.

Ahhh. I too once had the idea to create a myst-like VRML world. I wanted to
base it on Myst though and sent the company mail who didn't like the idea
all that much. I just wonder why people didn't get motivated as such when I
suggested we come up with ideas for what environments we will want to live
in when we're uploaded. I guess it's just your magic touch, Wade. :)