Re: Trans- vs. Non-human
Fri, 6 Dec 1996 11:28:17 -0500

from the Church of the Euthanasia believes they're working for a better
future, which happens to involve the reduction or extinction of the
human race. Are they extropic? Why not? They're pushing for a better

Defining "better" as a dumb idea is is a dumb idea.

Better doent mean some bad idea that
one "calls" better...anymore than heavier
means some thing we "call" heavier...

The question you posed is "better for who?"
"better than what?" NOT "is there a better?".

Better is subjective to a degree, not 100%.
Juse like art is subjective to a degree, not 100%.

( and BTW) I have thought it through, and they can't
ONLY kill the human race...
They have to eliminate ANY scrap of life and DNA,
because it could EVENTUALLY evolve and become a