Re: Plan in Advance

Jacob Costello (
Mon, 2 Dec 1996 10:32:14 -0600 (CST)

> I'm just curious, but has any extropian or group of extropians
> started a company devoted to developing extropian technologies (or for that
> matter, started any company at all)? This might not only advantageous to
> the extropian "cause", but it might be profitable as well.
> -James Rogers

I'm about to try and do something like this "in my spare time." (yes, I know
that sounds ridiculous.) I have a friend who is working in business ("making
deals" for a small telecom.) who has a variety of contacts with people at the
business end of various enterprises. We both have a physics background (he
has a B.A. in physics and I'm about to recieve an M.S.) Neural nets and
genetic algorithms are interests of mine, so we're going to try and use his
business experience and our combined technical knowledge to pass ourselves
off as consultants for using neural nets for data mining for business
applications. That certainly seems like a fairly extropian area of technology
to me, even if it doesn't necessarily involve the immediate creation of
anything new.

Anything useful (or negative) anybody has to say starting such an enterprise
would be appreciated.

jake costello