Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 18:44:23 -0500

Chris Hind wrote:
> > The values of spontaneous order seem to have been lost lately. List
> >members don't seem to take action upon themselves to make our potential
> >kinetic. I can understand the want for the time and situation to be
> >right...I agree wholeheartedly...but we cannot sit around wallowing in our
> >own stagnation of potentialities [not insinuating that we all are].
> >A lot of crap was dished out to Michael Lorrey for his new site (which I
> >have not yet seen). I am not a physicist, but I respect Michael greatly for
> >his ability to *create*, whether or not it works (and I believe it shall!).
> I too believe that Mike Lorrey was dished out alot of crap that was totally
> unfair.

Thanks, Chris. I really had a big debate with myself if I was even going
to put a page up explaining it, for exactly the reason that occured. I
finally decided that the computer simulations were enough to be
reasonably sure that it did _something_, and given the one big hitch
these guys so quickly came up with (that I have known about for a while)
has been taken care of (I turn it 90 degrees and use some
counter-rotation) I feel reasonably secure that things shoud in the end
turn out ok. Outisde of maybe one paragraph, I really tried to keep from
reciprocating the flamethrowing, and I appreciate ELiezer's decision to
chill out until I get a real model finished that either works or doen't

Lets just get
> out there and do the damn stuff! Lets consider some of the things we can do
> with just a first glance.
> - Invest in extropian-related companies (nanotech, genetics)
> - Attend extropian meetings
> - How about we pick a night for an IRC meeting where we can discuss topics
> in near-realtime?
> Any others? Forget your criticisms for a moment! Lets work towards a better
> future!

We should try to really promote meetings on college campuses. i don't
know if Max More is in the mood for a speaking tour, but I think that we
should set up inaugural meetings on campuses of Extropy Chapters that
Max or another extropian leader can help kick off membership with some
rousing lectures, maybe if we have some multimedia to go in the

This is just the sort of stuff that I tried to motivate people for on
the >H list and got a bunch of crap back from the rugged individualists
who didn't want to have to actually contribute to a group or make an
effort. Lets hope everyone starts getting motivated.

BTW, thanks for all the constructive feed back on my site. Things are
more fixed than before, and I'm working on the rest...Though, I have set
the text on the front page as a light tan (to look like it was carved
into the wood), so I can't see how it would turn up blue....


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