Chris Hind (
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 14:39:53 -0800

> The values of spontaneous order seem to have been lost lately. List
>members don't seem to take action upon themselves to make our potential
>kinetic. I can understand the want for the time and situation to be
>right...I agree wholeheartedly...but we cannot sit around wallowing in our
>own stagnation of potentialities [not insinuating that we all are].
>A lot of crap was dished out to Michael Lorrey for his new site (which I
>have not yet seen). I am not a physicist, but I respect Michael greatly for
>his ability to *create*, whether or not it works (and I believe it shall!).

I too believe that Mike Lorrey was dished out alot of crap that was totally
unfair. In the case of spreading our memes, I have an analogy for this.
Lets see how well I can explain it. The population is like fuel for a fire
(meme fuel, hosts, whatever you want to call it). What we need to do is to
create ignition, heat up the idea by spreading it until the point that it
burns the fuel rapidly into a gigantic wildfire out of control. In this way
it is also alot like creating the first controlled fusion reaction where
the ignition is the difficult part because variables need to be *perfect*
and continueing the reaction is the easy part. All you need is a spark to
ignite a raging brushfire. Lets ignite that fire
by selecting the people who would be most effective at spreading the memes,
contacting them and add them to the collective of the group. (No BORG jokes)

> Chris Hind said:
>>If I may speak for the group as a whole: Take action NOW! Do WHATEVER YOU
> I second that. (Wow! I'm actually agreeing with Chris for once
>:-)) To quote a verse from one of my poems:
> I may never reach my goal
> My lunacy might take its toll
> But if perchance I ever die
> At least I had the balls to try

I'm sorry I never read that one. That _IS_ quite good. I never imagined
we'd agree on something! hehe
To quote the movie "Independence Day" "We can't be consumed by our petty
differences anymore. We will be united in our common interest." This
concludes that we should not bicker over the little things. Lets just get
out there and do the damn stuff! Lets consider some of the things we can do
with just a first glance.

- Invest in extropian-related companies (nanotech, genetics)
- Attend extropian meetings
- How about we pick a night for an IRC meeting where we can discuss topics
in near-realtime?

Any others? Forget your criticisms for a moment! Lets work towards a better