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Fri, 29 Nov 1996 11:58:45 -0800 (PST)

On 29/11/96, Hal Dunn wrote

>According to Smith, and I tend to agree, agnosticism is a legitimate
>philosophical position, but it is not a third alternative or halfway house
>between theism and atheism. Instead, it is a variation of either theism or
>atheism. The self-proclaimed agnostic must still designate whether he does
>or does not believe in a god -- and, in doing so, he commits himself to
>theism or he commits himself to atheism. BUT HE DOES COMMIT HIMSELF.

I can't resist to post this poem on this thread. The poem was
written quite a while ago, though I find the meanings to be very true
and relevant to this thread. BTW, if anyone is getting sick of my
self-indulgence on this list (e.g.:: posting poems), please tell me and
I'll tame my ego a little bit.

Faith Or Freedom

You are born into life
And one day you'll be forced to decide
Faith or Freedom?
Both have profits, both have fault
But only one can make you who you are
And when it comes right down to it
One will limit, one will get you far
The choice is up to you
Because you know what to do
Live to obey
Or wander astray
And one day you'll be forced to decide
Faith or Freedom?
The choice is bold
It can't be sold
The wall is yours
Or you can build some doors
But what it comes down to
Is the choice
Between a chosen fate
Or a god to dictate
Your Faith or Freedom

By: E. Shaun Russell

Enough indulgence for now...:^)

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