A Boot In The Rear (was Nanotechnology...)

E. Shaun Russell (e_shaun@uniserve.com)
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 11:45:20 -0800 (PST)

First off, I'd like to say that I agree with Eliezer and Chris Hind
on most facets of their respective posts. Right now, I am doing all I can
to spread the memes of extropy and transhumanism. I disagree with Eliezer's
comment that "I haven't heard anything new on this list that wasn't quoted
from an article." That is untrue. Michael Lorrey has had some great ideas
manifested with 'Lorrey Drive'. Every poem or piece of written artwork that
goes onto this list has the *potential* to go farther. Many of the poems I
write get published in various places. I have a music concert centered on
my extropian-esque music and lyrics coming up this weekend. I am
kineticizing (sp?) my potential. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

The values of spontaneous order seem to have been lost lately. List
members don't seem to take action upon themselves to make our potential
kinetic. I can understand the want for the time and situation to be
right...I agree wholeheartedly...but we cannot sit around wallowing in our
own stagnation of potentialities [not insinuating that we all are].
A lot of crap was dished out to Michael Lorrey for his new site (which I
have not yet seen). I am not a physicist, but I respect Michael greatly for
his ability to *create*, whether or not it works (and I believe it shall!).

Another thing that has been irking me a little bit lately is the
view of 'dynamic optimism'. I am dynamically optimistic, but I am also
realistic. Dynamic optimism becomes altruism when there is no tact or
reality incorporated. What I (and Eliezer etc.) have been seeing is wishful
thinking. "Yeah, such and such will happen at such and such a time." It's
kind of like a blind faith. You have to do all you can to *ensure* that
things will happen. How many extropians have stock in nanotechnology
companies right now? Space exploration companies? ANY extropian companies?
It is much better to put all your eggs in one basket if you really want the
eggs to get to the same place at the same time ...see what I mean? <g>

Chris Hind said:

>If I may speak for the group as a whole: Take action NOW! Do WHATEVER YOU

I second that. (Wow! I'm actually agreeing with Chris for once
:-)) To quote a verse from one of my poems:

I may never reach my goal
My lunacy might take its toll
But if perchance I ever die
At least I had the balls to try

**Ingredi Externus!**

-E. Shaun Russell

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