Re: A Protestation of Faith

Kennita Watson (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 23:03:09 -0800

Mark Crosby writes,
>> We believe in the One Power
>> Who will make the great transform
And Lyle replies:
>Excuse me, but this is not poetry. It doesn't scan. It has no structure.
>Writing prose in short lines doesn't make it into poetry.

Personally, I believe that there _is_ such a thing as free verse; the
lines must not just be short, they must have rhythm to them.

I also find much of the poetry that has been appearing here rather
tedious, because the rhythms are often approximate at best, and the
rhymes seem forced. Too bad for me; no poet requires that I like
his/her poetry.

Can we call it a matter of taste and get on with life? Wrangling
about "proper" art reminds me of one of the things I dislike about
Ayn Rand.


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