Re: A Protestation of Faith

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 22:12:03 -0500

Crosby_M wrote:
> I wrote about a potential Transhumanist Trilogy: THE Power, Omega and the
> Singularity.
> Lyle hasn't lost his sense of humor - that's what parody is, twisting
> things out of the context they're normally seen in, just as Lyle recently
> asked David Musick to substitute "corporations" for "highly advanced
> beings" in his The Power of Symbiosis thread to see what it sounded like.

Actually, I did not read his suggestion of substitution as a parody,
because I have theorized on, as others have, of the current existence of
transhuman organisms here on earth, operating at such a slow baud rate
that they are not noticed by us. They are commonly referred to as a:
"nation", "corporation", "government", "ethnic group", "profession",
"species", or "ecosystem".

> Mark Crosby
> Kennita wrote:
> < Personally, I believe that there _is_ such a thing as free verse; the
> lines must not just be short, they must have rhythm to them.>
> P.S. Hint for any unconverted athiests: a surprisingly similar rhythm can
> be heard at any Catholic mass. Wasn't trying to be cruel or bitter though,
> just a playful challenge...

I noticed that same thing, being raised a Catholic and all... I suppose
that transhumanism is a way for me to reconcile my intellectual need for
reason, to the hope for becoming greater than oneself, transcending,
becoming one with the ALL, that has been taught as Catholic Dogma and
demanded as faith in spite of the past 2000 years of showing little
improvement in situation of mans inhumanity to man. That following the
Golden Rule and keeping an open, inquisitive mind one day at a time, one
person at a time will boot strap us all to a better tomorrow.


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