Re: A Protestation of Faith

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 18:56:35 -0500

Crosby_M wrote:
> We believe in the One Power
> Who will make the great transform
> transcending us all;
> the best and brightest, eternally replicated,
> through Whom all things are changed.
> For us and for our salvation,
> we must solve all the problems of the world
> here and now.
> We must disdain any link with
> suboptimal subsystems of the past.
> We must be the future, now.
> For our sake we will be frozen and adamant,
> insisting on only the best from this world,
> the fluid ease of evolution resisted.
> In any case, we shall come again,
> always judging both the living and the dead,
> in a kingdom that will have no end.
> We believe in the Singularity Allmighty,
> which will transport us to infinity and beyond,
> to all that is now uncountable and inconceivable
> (transforming the KnownNet overnight).
> With the Powers and Omega,
> the Singularity is expected and glorified.
> The spirit of the Web speaks through
> the invisible hand of the market,
> and we are transfixed.
> We acknowledge commitment to
> endless expansion,
> wait for the insurrection of uploads,
> with atom-by-atom Nanotech control
> of the life of the world to come.
> Amen (and on to Alef-one!)

As John Clark goes into apoplexies.......


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