Re: going for the moon

Chris Hind (
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 14:58:08 -0800

>I just read an article in a Danish newspaper, quoting a British newspaper,
>that the Japanese are going for the moon BIG TIME. Sometime in the next 100
>years they aim to get +50.000 people up there.
>Anybody nows more?

There is more information in the November issue of Science and it seems
they're going to create a probe that orbits the moon and then dispatches
missile-like probes which will impact the surface and burrow in to read
temperature and seismographic data and the probe in orbit will pass over
these probes every 15 days and relay information back to Earth. What would
be great would be if the Japanese went to the moon and removed the US flag
and placed their own in it's spot and then told the US that if they wanted
their flag put back they'd have get off their lazy asses and do it themselves!!