Re: TWA 800: THE CAT IS OUT !!

Ira Brodsky (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 12:13:48 -0600

James Rogers wrote:

>HYPOTHESIS: There are much lesser known classes of explosives which 1) are
>not detectable via normal explosive detection hardware, and 2) do not leave
>chemical traces normally associated with explosives. This would force the
>general requirement that the explosive was loaded on to the plane, not
>delivered by missile. This would also generally show significant intent,
>since these explosives would require custom manufacture by a knowledgeable
>explosive chemist. In turn, this would imply a bit more intelligence and
>resourcefulness than your average terrorist. If you suspect the government,
>Sandia NL could easily produce the required compounds.

Perhaps their proposal to fund operation "TWA 800 = not TWA 800" was
approved. <g>

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