Re: God

Natasha V. More (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 09:22:26 -0700 (MST)

At 05:08 PM 11/13/96 -0500, Lyle Burkhead wrote:

>David, you have discovered the biggest sacred cow in the
>Extropian herd. ]

Thanks Lyle for a good laugh this morning! If it was my cow, it wouldn't be
sacred. It would be one of those bright colored ones who moos at the horizon.

Seriously, why would you presume logic and reason about such issue to be a
sacred cow?

Personally, I have no evidence that God exists. She hasn't spoken to me. I
haven't had a supernatural vision. My greatest joys come from my own
enjoyment of life, and my most welcomed accomplishments from my own
endeavors. If someone or something is helping me along, deciding my fate, or
causing some of those hard and rough times, then I agree with John Clark
that she/he might take a communications course.

The Churches of God and religious sects have a corner on the term God, so if
_I_ am to invest in contemplating about a source of intelligence, such as a
God, then it might be better for me to use a different term.