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Stephen de Vries (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 16:16:08 GMT2

David Musick wrote,

> Perhaps it is possible for sufficiently intelligent beings in our universe
> (such as humans) to communicate with this highly advanced being,
> who created the universe, and receive some sort of assistance.
> Perhaps this god has been busily forming methods of communicating
> with the intelligent creatures it helped develop in its experimental
> universe. Perhaps certain states of mind facilitate communication
> with "God".

I read an interview with a Russian cosmologist a while back in Wired
magazine. His theory of the universe involves smaller
universes growing off each other randomly, sort of a bubble-fractal
theory of the universe. The interesting thing about communication
between 'parent' and 'child' universe if that no energy or
information can travel from the parent to the child. The only way
you can give the child universe any sort of message would be to imbed
the message in the laws of the universe.

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