Re: TWA 800: THE CAT IS OUT !!

Ira Brodsky (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 15:34:01 -0600

Michael Lorrey wrote:

>I did hear that the FBI examined Salinger's papers, and announced that
>they were the same one's publihsed over the internet which were
>"discounted" already in the investigation.
>Question: If they were discounted, why did a Secret Service Agent give
>these to him now, when they are apparently worthless. Perhaps they were
>not and this person was trying to get some one who had experience in the
>WHite House operations to see that maybe they were not fake. I would
>like to see an invenstigation of the investigation.

There are many possibilities here. First, we don't even know that Salinger
was telling the truth when he attributed the document to a "secret service
agent." If we are going to question almost the entire U.S. government
(which is OK), we should also be able to question Pierre Salinger (even
more OK).

Does anyone besides me see a possible motivation for Pierre Salinger?
There he is living in left-wing France -- an enlightened country just
trying to keep foreign words from polluting their language. A number of
French citizens were killed in the crash. But so far, there is no
satisfactory explanation of what caused the crash. People don't like
living with such uncertainty. Pierre Salinger comes along and blames it on
those nasty, foreign imperialists. Pierre Salinger becomes a national hero
in France. Many paid speaking engagements result.

I wish I could prove it, but alas, I cannot. <g>

>If you recall, this is the same thing the FBI said about the "shoot to
>kill" orders they gave agents at Ruby Ridge. The truth eventually came
>out in the end there, and showed that the FBI is a lying pack of dogs.

Two things. First, the truth did come out. (Or did it? <g>) Second, it's
easier to mislead people about a relatively isolated action by a single
government agency. Can anyone convince 300 members of a Navy destroyer
crew to keep quiet just because to do otherwise would embarass the Navy?
Heck, I bet half the people in the Navy are there mainly to get a cheap
education, and are basically honest. But even if only 10% are basically
honest, does anyone think that 10% would watch a passenger plane get shot
down by accident (I presume) and then agree to silence? Would none of them
want to know someone had the courage to reveal the truth -- especially when
it could be their families or friends on board the plane next time?

Is cynicism extropic or entropic?

Ira Brodsky
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