Re: TWA 800: THE CAT IS OUT !!

James Rogers (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 14:59:57 -0800

>There are many possibilities here. First, we don't even know that Salinger
>was telling the truth when he attributed the document to a "secret service
>agent." If we are going to question almost the entire U.S. government
>(which is OK), we should also be able to question Pierre Salinger (even
>more OK).
>Does anyone besides me see a possible motivation for Pierre Salinger?
>There he is living in left-wing France -- an enlightened country just
>trying to keep foreign words from polluting their language. A number of
>French citizens were killed in the crash. But so far, there is no
>satisfactory explanation of what caused the crash. People don't like
>living with such uncertainty. Pierre Salinger comes along and blames it on
>those nasty, foreign imperialists. Pierre Salinger becomes a national hero
>in France. Many paid speaking engagements result.
>I wish I could prove it, but alas, I cannot. <g>

This is not at all improbable. The last few years the US has been involved
in a full-scale intelligence war with France. Contrary to what most people
would think, France is considered to be the number one enemy of the US,
intelligence-wise. After a couple recent serious embarrassments the CIA has
caused France (such as the GATT incident and the Brazil incident), it
wouldn't surprise me if they took this opportunity to even the score. When
I was working for DoD, the US was purportedly deporting something like 300
French spies per year.

I would prefer to wait for the final autopsy of the wreckage.

-James Rogers