Boring Facts
Sat, 9 Nov 1996 12:16:57 -0400

E Shaun Russel wrote:
>Sure, fact-based discussion is effective...but it gets very boring. There
>has to be some sort of equilibrium between fact and filler. There must be
>some way to say what we want to say while still keeping some sense of
>'being human' within our words. Any help or enlightenment as to *how*
>would be appreciated! :~)<

Facts are only tedious if one keeps putting them together the same way!
Facts can never be boring simply because there is absolutlely no end to
them or the ways they can be arranged. Being extremely concise doesn't make
communication unpleasant, only a rigidity of vision can do that.

Enlightenment may come when assumption is sleeping. If one really wants to
"see" something, put it in a utterly alien context - it's not the thing we
see, but it's juxtapostion or contrast. Every good painter knows that the
stars only come out at night because the sky is dark.

A careless arrangement of facts produces and incorrect assumption, while a
thoughtful arrangemnent may be highly functional and may even be close to
"the knowing the truth."

Only the boring know boredom

PS: Who had the car accident on your behalf?