Re: Defunct Democracy

Hara Ra (
Fri, 08 Nov 1996 21:47:21 -0800

Michael Butler wrote:
> << Homer's Republic with its intellectual elite.>>
> Err, _Plato's_ Republic, no?

Let's see now. We have two Caves, each with the shadow of a chair, each
Shadow exactly the same. This leads to some questions:

1. Is it one Cave and two Shadows, or one Shadow and two Caves?
2. If I shoot the chair, does either Shadow remain, and which
Shadow is the true identity of the chair?
2a. What if I shoot the Cave instead?
3. If I upload the chair, do I need the Cave to see the chair's
4. If I can't distinguish either Shadow or Cave, where are the
required Hidden Variables?
5. If I exchange Caves and Shadows, does any Information get
6. Are the tiles on the floor of the Caves done in a Penrose
7. Is Hemlock an entropian drug?

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