Re: sex, yet again ~%6 (was Re: ; - )Neanderthal Miracles)

Chris Hind (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 11:15:56 -0800

>The trend has always been
>to effectively *less* scarce resources. As technology continues to develop,
>I see no reason to expect that trend to reverse.
>Psychologically, most people will *want*
>to have the experience of bodies when they first upload, even if they later
>feel comfortable changing that.
>So, my basic disagreement is with your view that resources will be scarce.
>If at all, I see that as plausible only for the first early uploads. I see
>computational resources gettting less scarce over time.

I agree. A few of you aren't very extropian if you're thinking the future
is going to be about overpopulation and scarce resources. History tells us
that with human innovation and ingenuity we can accomplish about anything
we wish to do. We will have more resources in the future, not less. Some of
you doomsayers may dub me as naive but take a look at the hard facts
without the doom 'n gloom slanted perception. This is all about boundless
growth not growth restrained by physical limits. We can work around any
physical limits, it's only a matter of time till we discover the knowledge
& tech to do so as shown thoughout history.