Re: The Property Protocol

banjo (
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 21:33:29 +0000

Ian Goddard wrote:
> Allocation of resources by consumer choice, by the voice
> of the people, founded upon the theory and application of private
> property, contract law, and tort liability consistently prove to
> yield maximal social outcomes [SNiP]

i disagree
where is the proof ?
how does "maximal social outcomes" coincide with high poverty,
homelessness, a stuffed-to-overflowing penal system, and as
Dale Carnegie said a place where " and poor are both free
to sleep under bridges".

some people don't win in a market economy
> simply because each individual is
> compelled to serve the consumer, the people, or suffer material
> privations. Privations which would not exceed those suffered had
> the individual chosen to forgo human association altogether, and
> therefore such privations cannot be measured as an initiation of harm.

i don't understand. are you saying that someone who "suffers material
privation" (aka Poverty), deserves it. Is the market equivalent of
an outcaste or hermit ??