Re: The Property Protocol

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 08:40:52 -0500

banjo wrote:
> Ian Goddard wrote:
> > Allocation of resources by consumer choice, by the voice
> > of the people, founded upon the theory and application of private
> > property, contract law, and tort liability consistently prove to
> > yield maximal social outcomes [SNiP]
> i disagree
> where is the proof ?
> how does "maximal social outcomes" coincide with high poverty,
> homelessness, a stuffed-to-overflowing penal system, and as
> Dale Carnegie said a place where " and poor are both free
> to sleep under bridges".
> some people don't win in a market economy
> > simply because each individual is
> > compelled to serve the consumer, the people, or suffer material
> > privations. Privations which would not exceed those suffered had
> > the individual chosen to forgo human association altogether, and
> > therefore such privations cannot be measured as an initiation of harm.
> i don't understand. are you saying that someone who "suffers material
> privation" (aka Poverty), deserves it. Is the market equivalent of
> an outcaste or hermit ??
> -banjo
What he said is someone who CHOOSES material privations is not
suffering harm, as it is a freely chosen activity. Someone who chooses
to remain an alcoholic, risks giving up his or her property, families,
and means of earning wealth, so to be homeless individual in order to
remain substance abuser, in spite of the efforts of any other person
who cares about them, means voluntarily accepting ones suffering. THe
state of the economy has not a damn thing to do with it. I know, I was
there once.

SOmeone who freely choses not to make the effort to obtain the education
to earn a good living voluntarily accepts the associated suffering of
living in poverty. I know, I was there once.

THe HIGH poverty is a function of the amount of government subsidy for
reproduction among those who freely choose to remain in poverty.

The stuffed to everflowing penal system is a function of government
attempting to limit the individuals right to freely chose to use
substances which may harm them. Put them in jail instead, where they can
get drugs even easier, and catch AIDS as well.

Your Dale Carngie had it right. We are all free to chose wealth or
poverty, to choose to be with the families that love us or live alone
under bridges.