London Rendezvous
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 06:46:06 -0500

[Apologies to the Yank majority for noise, but I need the broadcast forum

So far, Sarah Marr, Martin Traynor and Nicholas Bostrom have indicated they
can get together Sunday afternoon, 3 Nov. in London. I'll be out of pocket
during the day today, 31 Oct. (CST), and will be in my office < > during the morning tomorrow, 1 Nov. (CST). It looks
like the best rendezvous TIME will be between 3 and 4 pm on Sunday. I'll be
free till whenever on Sunday night.

We've yet to set a place. As a failsafe in case we can't all connect to set
an alternative more suitable as a rendezvous point, I'll be staying at:

The Caledonian Club
9 Halkin Street
London SW1X 7DR
Phone: 171-235-5162
Fax: 171-235-4635

This is in Belgravia between Sloane Street and Grosvenor Place (no jokes
about Sloane Rangers, please). I'll be at the club in the afternoon on
Saturday, 2 Nov. so telephone contact Saturday afternoon might be a good way
to get a firm meeting place set. I may be in a jet-lag coma, but feel free
to call. I will be gone from there Saturday evening to see Guy Falkes
fireworks, but don't yet know when I'll be leaving.

One idea for a rendezvous point is a touristy pub called the Bag o' Nails (?)
right across the street from the southwest corner of Buckingham Palace'
grounds (near the Royal Mews) -- this would be preferable to my club, which
has a silly "no-jeans" rule (among others) and, despite the Caledonian theme,
the bar of which won't be open in the afternoon on Sunday ....

Looking forward to seeing ya'll ...

Greg Burch <> <> or
"Man does not strive after happiness;
only the Englishman does that."
-- Nietzsche