Re: Upload Rehearsal

Chris Hind (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 19:36:22 -0800

At 22:33 10/29/96 -0800, you wrote:
>A good post from Chris Hind, but I do disagree with one thing.
> >The way I wish to be uploaded will be through gradual

> >incremental uploading so that "I" will be the uploaded,

> >virtual, digital, being rather than a digital duplicate

> >running around as me.
>A gradual upload might be a good idea for practical reasons, you could catch
>any bugs in the procedure before they caused serious harm, but I don't see
>how it would make any difference from a philosophical viewpoint. Since all
>the atoms in our bodies are constantly changing and information is the thing
>that makes me be me and you be you, I don't think it's meaningful to
>differentiate between a "copy" and the "original" of a person. Are copies of
>Windows 95 inferior to the "original", whatever that means?

This sort of thing wouldn't disturb a non self-aware non conscious being
such as a an animal but 'I' want to be the one inside the computer not a
digital clone. So then what if there are two copies of 'me'? Which one is
actually 'me'. I would state the original copy. If you killed me and then
rebuilt me from different atoms it would still be the same person but the
conscious self-aware 'me' that I have come to love.