Re: Upload Rehearsal

Chris Hind (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 08:57:24 -0800

>A good post from Chris Hind, but I do disagree with one thing.
> >The way I wish to be uploaded will be through gradual

> >incremental uploading so that "I" will be the uploaded,

> >virtual, digital, being rather than a digital duplicate

> >running around as me.
>A gradual upload might be a good idea for practical reasons, you could catch
>any bugs in the procedure before they caused serious harm, but I don't see
>how it would make any difference from a philosophical viewpoint. Since all
>the atoms in our bodies are constantly changing and information is the thing
>that makes me be me and you be you, I don't think it's meaningful to
>differentiate between a "copy" and the "original" of a person. Are copies of
>Windows 95 inferior to the "original", whatever that means?

I do not care about the 'me' other people see, I only care about the 'me' I
am currently experiencing. Perhaps the answers to uploading are in the
subconscious? or perhaps uploading to silicon isn't possibly without
turning the person into an 'emulation' of an individual. Emulations are not
as good as the real thing you know because they're fakes. Perhaps we will
be forced to upload to 'super meat brains' which have been genetically
engineered to have MUCH MORE processing power and storage. We would also
build a super number cruncher coprocessor into it so that we would make up
for the human brains lack of numeric processing power. Also maybe uploading
will look like psychodelia because putting someone on acid during an upload
would be firing neurons all over the place and in areas usually not fired
which would be a great way to check to make sure all the neuron pathways
were in place and duplicated correctly.