Re: Turing Test

Ira Brodsky (
Sun, 27 Oct 1996 09:26:25 -0600

Damien R. Sullivan wrote:
>} The fact the "AI" is using a borrowed identity also suggests it has some
>} serious weaknesses. Really, what you are telling us is it is imitating
>} someone -- not "thinking" for itself.
>? I'm assuming that Lyle is yanking our chain, but the above statement
>makes no more sense than E. Shaun Russell's diatribe on AIs somehow
>having their own culture. If there is an artificial entity which has
>been indistinguishable from a natural human at a complex level of
>operation, it really doesn't matter if humanity is its native mode of
>thought or if it's just faking our mental species. The feat would still
>be wondrous.

There's a big difference between imitating consciousness and imitating a
specific person. The first requires some marvelously generalized
abilities. The second could simply replay opinions and phrases collected
over a long time.

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