Re: Artists and Engineers

Chris Hind (
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 18:41:40 -0700

>You see, Chris, I am someone who has a great interest in creating things in
>many areas of art, icluding mechanical engineering, graphic arts, computer
>science, music, philosophy, drama, mathematics, writing and physics. So I
>wouldn't fit anywhere in your classification scheme of 'artists' vs.
>'engineers'. I am both. I want to express my personal values and desires
>through many different media and through many different modes of thinking.
>Sometimes I like to express my values through music, sometimes through
>writing, sometimes through sculpture, sometimes through mathematics, sometimes
>through philosophy, and there are many other forms of expression that I enjoy
>engaging in. Many dichotomies that people make are inappropriate to make
>because they don't respect the real state of things, and I think the
>left-brain vs. right-brain dichotomy is inappropriate.

Than perhaps you're flat out dead middle-brain? Which is of course the best
of both. Are you sure people use both but don't some people use one side
more frequently than the other or process more data on a specific side? This
explains why many math teachers can't draw worth #@%# and have horrible
spelling whereas many english teachers are horrible at math and science.
This also explains why left siders can be more introverts (tesla?) and right
siders more extroverts.

>"Question Tradition" - David Musick

I love by this quote!