Re: The Worker / Employer Relationship
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 03:57:59 -0400

Suresh Naidu wrote, "because the fundamental relationship is one of slavery:
worker-employer. There is a huge power imbalance there. And since there
always will be more workers than employers, the majority of people will be

I think that is the MOST condescending, giving no people respect, statement I
have ever heard. Do you think these people are subhuman? Who gave you the
godlike, better than the "majority" role here? Helpless victims of their
Are you a slave or a boss?
I must tell you straight out: those "poor masses" , those "slaves" are also
human beings with dignity and may not appreciate the kind of "help" you
propose. Nor your labeling them as helpless or as slaves.
This is the most irritating thing about this kind of "liberal". I have
nothing against liberals,they mean well, but this kind of thing really is a
blind spot. I live with it in my arts complex where everyone ostensibly vies
for who can do the most to "help" the poor masses, the "others more
unfortuante than we" - but it is actually self serving self congratulatory