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> >> don't understand is why it isn't blatently obvious to Suresh that
> property is only maintained by force *when others try to forcefully take
> from the rightful owner*.
> David, being of native American heritage, that sentence stuck in my craw.
> is your use of the word only.... maybe you should say "rightly"... In the
> USA, the land was taken by force and is still maintained by superior
force. >>

I am also of Native American heritage. The sentence did NOT "stick in my

My ancestors acted like "Native American" socialists, I guess. They acted
communally and hunted for the group, finally settling down and farming for
the group. Not exactly (;-) capitalists. They took land by force all the
time (right up to the middle 1970's). Some of them now days are capitalists
and some are still socialists. I can give examples if you want: The
socialists "feel sorry" for me because I do not accept government
entitlements. It's a long story but I am not exactly (;-) attracting them as
friends these days. They want me to "fight" for more government money.

The capitalists among us (who I am and others who I admire) are starting
businesses and supporting ourselves. We don't like what they see as
government "hand-outs".