Re: Private Property and Capitalism
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 03:06:14 -0400 writes

>My ancestors acted like "Native American" socialists, I guess. They acted
communally and hunted for the group, finally settling down and farming for
the group. Not exactly (;-) capitalists. They took land by force all the
time (right up to the middle 1970's). Some of them now days are capitalists
and some are still socialists.

You can put me in the class of capitalist. My ancestors too. Chinooks were
formidable traders and were known for their business skills, especially the

>>The socialists "feel sorry" for me because I do not accept government
entitlements. It's a long story but I am not exactly (;-) attracting them as
friends these days. They want me to "fight" for more government money.

Sounds like the art complex I live in ; - ) I agree, nonprofit is not as good
as for profit, nohow, noway.

>>The capitalists among us (who I am and others who I admire) are starting
businesses and supporting ourselves. We don't like what they see as
government "hand-outs".

I agree 100% - The government is not giving self ownership and self