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Wed, 16 Oct 1996 20:10:11 -0400

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<< Not to mention the victim mentality and so forth that is the norm
today in much of our population worldwide.>>

I don't see this as the "norm". I think people DO look for win-win deals.
The "victim" deals: lose-lose, lose-win and win-lose are undesirable.

<< It has occurred to me that we indeed may have a long road to get "from
to there.." Hopefully not one strewn with stragglers and throwaways.>>

I'm sorry you feel that way. I don't. I think we are doing very well
compared to _any_ other time. We have only _temporary_ setbacks (e.g., USSR)
as far as I can see.

<< I wonder how one thinks people will learn to think in ways that make us
honest, self worthy, independent and prosperous. >>

I think people _have_ learned: The WIN-WIN.
(Earlier, I gave an example of a win-win deal:)

I worked for Dole Packaged Foods. Everyone I knew liked working for Dole
until something better came along. . . Then quit. We negotiated a better
deal with Dole than anything else at the time (win-win). Dole wins, I win
and Dole's customer's win. Everybody wins. If Dole was so evil, they would
have paid us ALL minimum wage (win-lose) and we would have quit (lose-lose).
And when we had a better deal someplace else, we could have stayed at Dole
(lose-win). Nobody I know chose any "lose" (victim) situations.

Now if only more governments could learn this: Prices are negotiated not
mandated (unless by socialist governments). The buyer and seller have to be
satisfied or there is NO deal. Win-win deals survive and get better overtime
with only temporary setbacks.