Re: Getting from Here to There, Momm
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 00:33:37 -0400

David Musick wrote:
>Greg Burch brought up the question of how we go from our current situation
to one that is more like the libertarian / anarcho-capitalist world that most
of us here would prefer.
I think Greg was responding to a post I wrote, in the middle of the usual
statist vs. capitalist debate, requesting a discussion about the way we get
people to embrace the _ethics_ needed to realize such a "utopia" and how it
will come to pass that enough people (50%?) will want to commit to self
responsiblity and how the change will come about, since it is obvious we
wouldn't be using any of the usual Political lies, coercion, indoctrination
or some other infringement on their person.

John Clark said it somewhere sarcastically ...

"In other words, if everyone was a nice person it would be a better world.
So what else is new?"

I may be reading into this wrongly, but the philosophy is based on us
individuals being , if not nice, at least honorable. I think that inherant
in the foundation self ownership based philosophy one must address this
concern for rational ethics and thesad fact that many people do NOT know how
to be either a "nice person" or for that matter, self responsible or
rational. Not to mention the victim mentality and so forth that is the norm
today in much of our population worldwide.
It has occurred to me that we indeed may have a long road to get "from here
to there.." Hopefully not one strewn with stragglers and throwaways.

I wonder how one thinks people will learn to think in ways that make us
honest, self worthy, independant and prosperous.
Thank you for you considered and well thought out post, I am curious about
Libertarian politics and any cohesive plans made towards actually
implementing the freedoms that Libertarian Anarcho-capitalist philosophy
talks about.
So far the Extropian list seems to hold the clearest thinking coalition of
free thinkers that I have met.

Since you are an authority by way of being a State Sec., any information or
forwards of Libertarian musings you would like to send to me would be much
welcomed by this Artist/Muse.
Much thanks again for your post,