the Turing test

Lyle Burkhead (
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 00:07:40 -0500 (EST)

Ira Brodsky writes,

> Clearly, the AI program is Lyle Burkhead. <g>

Well, I'm not going to deny it. As I said in one of my earlier posts,

:: People seem to assume that we can have artificial intelligence
:: without also having artificial stupidity. I doubt it.

Was I speaking from experience? Maybe... I'm not going to
confirm it either.

"John K. Clark" writes,

> the experiment is no longer valid and a subroutine never used before
> has been activated that radically changes my programming. I am
> required to tell you the truth. I am a machine, the real John K Clark
> is a bum we found panhandling in front of the Carnegie Mellon building,

Well, "John," at least it's not boring! :-)

But there is a problem with this. "John" has given us a confession
which appears to be a joke. This could be a ploy to throw everyone
off the scent. Since he's joking about it, it can't be him, right? Well...
This is exactly the sort of trick one would expect from an AI program.
"John," I'm afraid your false confession has backfired. You have
made yourself a prime suspect. I happen to know that you're not the
CMU program I originally spoke of. But, as you yourself say,

> I am also required to tell you that I am not unique, there is another.

Funny you should mention that possibility. I had been wondering
about you anyway. Hmmm....

Meanwhile, "Chris" goes blithely on generating sentences like

> Emotion comes from the ancient reptilian brain deep within
> your cranium where logic is fresh and new and one of the
> higher forms of thought to help us rationalize and use tools.
> Why deny the fact that emotion is vistigial (sp?)
> and only for mere entertainment now that we have logic?