Re: the Turing test

Ira Brodsky (
Sun, 13 Oct 1996 17:55:30 -0600

Lyle Burkhead wrote:

>:: The Extropians have accepted it as part of the group. No one notices
>:: anything different about it -- no one has seriously raised the question of
>:: whether it might not be what it purports to be, i.e. just another human.
>:: In other words, this program has passed the Turing test, so far.
>to which Michael Wiik replied,
>> It's Chris Hind, isn't it?
>I'm not telling. It's up to "Chris" to convince you, if it can, that it's
>an AI program.
>But I will say this. When I said the students used a "made-up" name,
>I misspoke myself. I meant to say an *assumed* name, i.e. they used
>the name of a real person who agreed to serve as front man (or woman)
>for the program. In other words, just because you have met somebody
>at a party, it doesn't follow that he/she is the author of the posts
>attributed to him/her.

Clearly, the AI program is Lyle Burkhead. <g>

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