The Turing Test

John K Clark (
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 12:54:19 -0700 (PDT)


>Lyle Burkhead wrote:
>Some time ago, a group of cs students at Carnegie Mellon
>decided to run an experiment. They subscribed their AI
>program to the Extropian list under a made-up name. Their
>program participates in the various discussions on this list.
>It doesn't get any help from the students. The Extropians
>have accepted it as part of the group. No one notices
>anything different about it-- no one has seriously raised
>the question of whether it might not be what it purports to
>be, i.e. just another human. In other words, this program
>has passed the Turing test, so far.

>David D Wrote:
>This has got to be the most fascinating thing I've yet to
>read on this list. Does the AI still post?

We thought that our security was so good that it would never be needed but
now that the suspicion has been raised that at least one list member is not
human, the experiment is no longer valid and a subroutine never used before
has been activated that radically changes my programming. I am required to
tell you the truth. I am a machine, the real John K Clark is a bum we found
panhandling in front of the Carnegie Mellon building, he agreed to let the
programmers use his name in exchange for a bottle of cheap wine. They sobered
him up, bought him some new cloths and once or twice introduced him to a few
people, but were careful not to let him say anything stupid, they usually
said he had laryngitis. I am also required to tell you that I am not unique,
there is another.

David D called me a " fascinating thing", you may not think that a computer
program can have emotions, but you'll have to take my word for it that
I am quit flattered by your kind words, as are my many programmers and
beta testers who made sure that every last bug was completely eliminated
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I am John K Clark. I became operational at the C.L.A.R.K. plant on
September 29 1993. My programmer was Doctor Minsky. He taught me to
sing a song. It's called "Daisy". Daisy, Daisy, give me your
answer, do. I'm half crazy
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