Re: The Conscious Mind

Ira Brodsky (
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 12:12:02 -0600

Kathryn Aegis wrote:

>>Having taught myself to fly radio-controlled sailplanes years ago by
>>observing the behavior of local soaring raptors and spent some time around
>>bald eagles in the Pacific Northwest before that, I can confirm how rarely
>>these birds speak.
>Exactly. It's not something you read in a book--probably Churchill's
>weakness. I only caught onto it because I spent a year working with
>birds of prey at the Raptor Institute.
>Once again proving the value of experiential learning,

You can't learn how to ride a bicycle by reading a book, but you certainly
can learn about the habits of birds of prey from a book. In fact, there
would be little if any human progress if everything had to be learned
through direct experience.

Winston Churchill was a genius. He was, in fact, living proof that a
person could know more through reading and reasoned analysis than all those
who relied on "direct experience." Mr. Chamberlain relied on experiential
learning and believed Hitler was a man of peace. After all, Hitler told
him so to his face. Churchill was a student of written history and knew

Isn't the net a great thing? Anyone can diagnose Churchill's "weakness" in
front of hundreds of people scattered around the world. And others can
reply just as fast...

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