Re: If it's not AI, Nano, or Uploading Extropians Ignore it.

Chris Hind (
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 00:24:57 -0700

>IMO Extropians are usually willing to
>discuss any creative, productive , futurist topic as long as it is possible
>to have a rational conversation about it and learn or share

Is it not rational?

>I think more disciplined cohesive topics, rather than diversifying.

Order rises from chaos through typical evolutionary spontaneous orders. Why
walk on previously tread soil? Wouldn't it be much better to be on the
cutting edge? This in itself is considered the cutting edge by many but i
desire to proceed as far into the cutting edge as possible!

>Maybe,Chris you should listen more and learn all
>you can 'bout these topics before you criticize,mmmm?....

Oh come on! Like I don't know the concept of AI, nano, or uploading? and
besides I'm not criticizing, I'm merely making an observation. It appears to
me as though there MUST be literally *THOUSANDS* of other equally useful
technologies out there possibly even beyond the big three. These topics may
be where the next steps lie in our continued evolution beyond posthuman. Do
we actually think we will me nothing more than a brain that gets larger and
larger soaking up knowledge forever? In my opinion NO, there will be some
breakthough discovery that will dramatically change the whole playing field.
We see how technologies and ideas rise up and get squashed and replaced by
others such as how first came the dream of the 500 TV channels which was
squashed by then Interactive Television which later was squashed by the
internet. I strongly believe that we will reach the equivelant of nano or
probably even better BEFORE your present predictions. Following my concept,
nano as it gets closer will get squashed by something else which will equal
or likely surpass it which we HAVEN'T EVEN DREAMED OF YET! This is what I am
aiming for! To find out what that tech will be!